How important is the tray in the catering service?
2021-04-01 16:51:37

In the restaurant service work, from the table before the meal, the menu provides menus and drinks, change the tableware for customers, deliver bills and other services, to the post-meal collection, use trays, the tray can be said to be catering The second life of elite service.

1. The tray has a light support; when it is served, served, and served, use the light support to hold the chest. The operating procedures are divided into three parts: management, loading and starting.

2. The tray should be washed and dried, and a special cloth should be placed on the tray (and do not use a cloth similar to the towels and napkins used by the guests to avoid misunderstanding). Wet, wring, and spread with water. Flattened, the four sides are aligned with the bottom of the plate.

3. The plate should be properly loaded according to the shape, volume and dispatch of the articles. Generally, the heavy objects and high objects are on the inside; the first items to be used are on the front and the front, and the weight distribution is appropriate; The bottle label is outward for the guests to see.

When loading, place the items to be transported on the tray according to the volume, weight and order of the items to be transported. Restaurant staff should not lift the tray directly from the countertop, but should first gently pull the tray out of the countertop, leaving the tray to a length of about 15 cm on the countertop.

Then place your hand in the center of the tray and hold the tray with your right hand to help the left hand lift the tray. If the items in the tray are heavy, it is not advisable to force the tray directly with the arm force. Instead, bend the knees and use the force of the legs to lift the tray.