How to get the oil in the tray of the catering industry
2021-04-01 16:51:00

1, Wet towel method: Wet the napkin with detergent, then apply it on the sticky kitchen screen window, heavy oil hood, gas stove switch handle, wait for a few minutes and let the solvent decompose the oil, it can be easily handled. Kitchen grease.

2, Card scraping method: expired or reimbursed plastic card should not be rushed, used to scrape the gas stove, oven chassis, the kitchen wall has been dried grease, convenient and easy to use, will not scratch the surface of the equipment, it can also be easy Clear.

3, Napkin hot compress method: the kitchen sticky oil, you can first use the napkin to wet the hot water on the oil, until the dirt softens and then clean, easier to wipe clean.