How to clean the catering tray?
2021-04-01 16:49:51

The management of the restaurant food culture knows that the tray is the most important part of it. As a food and beverage tray, as an important tool in the service, it is easy to cause pollution and dirty when used. How to clean the catering tray?

The management tray refers to the tray used for cleaning and finishing the end support. To achieve a clean, slippery and aesthetically pleasing tray.

1. Select the applicable tray (selection tray) according to the item you are supporting.

2. Prepare all kinds of required items on the tray, trays, non-slip items, all kinds of commonly used wine bottles, dishes, chopsticks, etc., and prepare for the preparation of the trays (preparation).

3. Clean the tray and clean it with a clean and dry rag. Check the inside of the tray first, then check the edges, and finally check the bottom (winding).

4. the basic method: before placing the goods, for the tray without anti-slip treatment, the tray should be padded with a wet and clean napkin or tray cloth.

The size of the cloth should be compatible with the tray. The shape of the cloth can be determined according to the shape of the tray. However, whether it is a square or a round cloth, the exposed parts must be equal, so that the tray after finishing the laying is both neat and beautiful and convenient. . It is also possible to avoid slippage of items in the tray. (management panel)

5. When arranging the pallets, pay attention to the flatness of the pallets. Because some pallets will be deformed after using for a period of time, such as metal pallets, the edges of the pallets are easily deformed. The bottom of the tray is not flat and affects the appearance. Such pallets are easy to cause unsafe hidden dangers.

Some plastic trays are prone to discoloration or smearing after a period of use. Once there is a spot that can't be cleaned, and then continue to use it to send items to the guests, it is unsightly, and secondly, it is easy to cause doubts about the health and safety of the food. Plastic pallets can also be weathered, which can cause unsafe operation. Therefore, such pallets should be discontinued.