There are a few things you must know about the chopping board!
2021-04-01 16:48:57

The chopping board is one of the few kitchen utensils in every home kitchen. do you know? If the cutting board selection and maintenance errors are directly harmful to the health of our daily diet. Hong Kong foodie Cai Wei once mentioned in his blog that in order to effectively prevent possible food-borne diseases, the Japanese government has stipulated that cutting raw sashimi must use plastic cutting boards because it is less likely to hide bacteria.

Potential hazard of the cutting board

Scratch heavy "old chopping board". Many people think that the old cutting boards that are old and old are more convenient to use, but they do not know that the scratches on the old cutting boards are a good place to hide dirt. Even if it is washed several times a day with detergent, the bacteria that grow in the scratches are difficult to remove. Therefore, the cutting board should be replaced after about 2 years.

Cut the vegetables and cut the raw meat with the same chopping board. Many people never pay attention to the separate use of the chopping board. They only know that the meat should be "cooked and cooked separately", but the raw meat and lettuce are used because of the trouble. Raw meat is very susceptible to parasites, and the cooking temperature of vegetables is generally not high, and many vegetables are directly raw food intake, so it is easy to cause cross infection.

The steel ball is brushed and the chopping board is laid flat. The wire ball brush can cause small scratches and hide bacteria. If the cutting board is washed flat, it will allow the water to penetrate down into the cutting board, so that the surface humidity of the cutting board is increased and it is not easy to dry. And humidity creates a good environment for bacterial growth.

Chopping board maintenance tips

When the chopping board is in use, it should not be used as a special end. It should be rotated around to keep the cutting plate worn and balanced, so as to avoid unevenness on the common side. When unevenness occurs, the iron planer can be used for planing.

The maintenance of ironwood cutting board is to moisturize for a long time. When you use it, wash it and put a wet towel on it to moisturize it; if there is crack, it is more difficult to remedy. The only way is to immerse the cutting board in the water and let the cutting board be fully wet. Thoroughly minimize cracks.

The chopping board is generally made of wood. Since the wooden cutting board has seams or insect holes, it is easy to breed germs, so it is necessary to wash or pour the soup with boiling water frequently to keep the cutting board clean and hygienic.

If the cutting board has been old moldy, you can put the cutting board in the rice water or detergent, then wash it with water, set it in a ventilated place to dry, but do not easily put the wet cutting board under the sun. In case it is deformed, it affects the use.

Another thing to be reminded is that every time you use the cutting board, you should clean it. If you just cut some fresh vegetables, you can use salt water and rice water to clean; after simmering meat or cutting raw fish, you should scrape off the surface residue, then wash it with water, then soak it in salt water for about two hours and then take it out. Dry. After cleaning, the chopping board is preferably suspended and controlled to be placed in a ventilated and dry place.

The chopping board can be sterilized by boiling water regularly, or it can be disinfected by sun exposure, and a layer of salt can be regularly sprinkled on the cutting board. It is best to prepare a few chopping boards in the family, which are differentiated according to the purpose. For example, cut fresh vegetables, cut raw meat, and chopped cutting boards.



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